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Afterwards, he and Jess are confused as to how to deal with their relationship, but later have sex in the episode "Virgins".

They eventually agree to be a couple at the end of season 2, but break up towards the end of season 3.

He is an overly confident ladies' man who is originally from Long Island, New York.

While attending Syracuse University, he was very obese, and shared a dorm room with Nick and became life-long friends.

In the season 4 finale "Clean Break", he realizes he cannot part ways with Cece and her stuff; he proposes to her. In season 6, they purchase a fixer-upper house, and have it renovated.

Towards the end of season 6, he is promoted to director of marketing, and in the final episode, he learns that Cece is expecting.

In the second half of season 1, he has a casual but passionate sexual relationship with fashion model and best friend of Jess, Cece.

In the season finale, he ends his relationship with Cece because he feels she deserves someone better.

Later on, in the episode "Clavado En Un Bar", it is revealed that he took and passed the California bar exam to prove he could do it, but decided he'd rather be a bartender instead.Three years later, in the season 7 premiere, Nick and Jess return to the loft after a European book tour for Pepperwood, although he is still waiting for the right time to propose to Jess.He eventually proposes to her in the episode "Mario", and they marry in the episode "The Curse of the Pirate Bride".He is relatively wealthy compared to his roommates, having bought the couch and refrigerator, and splurging on things such as an sushi plate; it was also noted that his family spent ,000 on his Bar Mitzvah.Schmidt is a successful marketing associate, the sole male in a female-dominated office, and is known for his numerous flings with women.

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