Anyone know how to ensure no updating happens even if macro triggers additional macros to run? They do BUT the running of the second macro seems to start with updating = true. Lets assume for a moment that it is the setting back to true at the end of the secondary macro that is causing the issue, should I apply an updating check at point(s) when the macro returns to the originally called code? NEW QUESTION - If I do not set updating back to True how can that negatively affect the spreadsheet?When I break the code to debug, updaing unlike Enable Events seems to have no effect on the remaining functionality of the woorkbook if I do not set it back to True. Can updating be set to false and be left like that without ever setting it back to True? When stepping through the code, the setting of Screenupdating is irrelevant - you will still see the code working. It is not good practice to blindly set screenupdating back to true at the end of every sub. I discovered this when buttons were being made visible or not, it wasn't updating the screen. Weight = xl Medium End With ' testing for top or bottom cell If (n Target Row = 4) Then ' top row With Selection . Weight = xl Medium End With Else If ((Worksheets("History Seeding"). Value = "") And _ (n Target Row when you want to be sure the screen is updated. Screen Updating = False Do Events I suspect that the second "Do Events" does not do anything; but, I have not tested that variation yet.Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices? Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. Since my computer was upgraded to win 10 with office 2016, Application.screenupdating=false command in VB (excel) doesn't work properly.

The same macro worked properly in win 7 with office 2010. Screen Updating = True in the code where I wanted the screen to refresh properly. Actually, I hadn't turned screen updating off, I just needed to sprinkle Application. Screen Updating = False successfully in Office 2010. What way can I force the screen to refresh the user view? It doesn't even work when screen updating is turned on all the time. Hello dcanham, It is difficult to provide a solution in the absence of code controlling the check boxes. Set the Show Modal property in the Properties window to False. Since there seems to be questions about the code chunk I posted it here and bolded the spot where it isn't working. If you are not using a User Form then try inserting Do Events in your code after you change the state of the check box. The process is as follows: What I would like it to do is during the execution of the code, as it finishes each cell, it turns off the formatting on the cell.

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