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De facto equality therefore means public equality - equality that is not legal.e.g: Civil Rights act in the 60s meant there was equality for black people. So white people still (or at first) didn't treat black people as de jure one cannot park one's car on the pavement but de facto everyone does.De jure means 'in law' and de facto means 'in fact.' De jure discrimination means that a law, by the way its read, is discriminatory; de facto means that it looks fine, but it will probably lead to discriminatory practice.This arrangement may or may not tally with a 'de jure' custody.

In a De facto partnership - in fact it is a partnership but which is existing partnership not legally established in law not like the de jure parnership as described above.The English meaning of the Latin phrase 'de jure' is 'in' ['de'] 'law' ['jure'].In this example, the city that the law recognizes as the capital isn't the city that actually fills the role. For example, the following perfectly good sentence turned up on the third page of a web search for "de facto": De facto disenfranchisement has devastating long-term effects in communities across the country. So de jure (concerning law) equality would mean equality in law (but not necessarily in fact) and de facto equality would mean equality in practice.De facto means 'fact of life', or 'concerning fact' in general terms.A de facto relationship is one, in which both the partners are not married, live together, not related as siblings, and are over the age of 18.

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Or vice versa: de facto sovereign without being de jure sovereign, like the tribal areas of Pakistan.

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