They are, of course, also blogging through sites that cater to everyone rather than seniors only.Seniors are banking online, investigating worrisome medical symptoms, investigating travel destinations (and looking for last minute deals to save money), shopping online (particularly great when reduced mobility becomes a factor), finding long lost friends, and even keeping up with their grandchildren through Facebook.Most people would choose the ‘most enjoyable’ or ‘easiest’ task first.It is human nature to gravitate toward the tasks that we do well, and avoid tasks that we have difficulty with.Seniors are dating online through sites such as and Seniors are publishing their thoughts online as evidenced by sites such as seniorsguideonline.and blog.

If you think old age means that you can't learn new things, then think again.Take a moment to think of two or three items of equal importance on your to-do list.Now ask yourself, which one of the three tasks would you do first?When I talk about online software that enables volunteers to be part of the process, without a doubt, the concern that comes up most often is something along these lines: “My volunteers are too old and couldn’t / wouldn’t do this”.I hear this so often that I fear that these same leaders of volunteers who are overly concerned that their senior volunteers cannot use a website might also be restricting seniors from filling certain volunteer opportunities because it is ‘beyond them’.

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This is important to understand because it will allow volunteer coordinators, who use web-based volunteer management software, to streamline their volunteer program and tap into a large percentage of the population.

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