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Instead Norwegians use their worldfamous Norwegian Hand.

This means an outstreched hand over your plate of food to grab whatever is situated right next to you. The entire profit is distributed to culture and sports.

Yes, they have cities – but they also have something called Distriktspolitikk which is very important to a lot of Norwegians. The best cabins have a required ski trek of 30 minutes to reach it, has outdoor toilets, no electricity and no water (you melt snow).

This hotel is almost as Norwegian as anything in the world, it just might be trolls living right outside Would you believe that they also rollerski on the roads if the snow melts? Some Norwegians fake the Hytte-tradition by installing electricity, WCs and have running water.

If a Norwegian ask you if you want some it’s ok to say no.

Norwegians have rejected EU membership twice in referendums, but Norway have implemented more EU directives than any other EU member state. Not that we are calling EU son of a deity, it’s just that they follow the rules without believing.

Up until some years ago it was illegal to dance on some public (Christian) holidays.

Norway normally has two winters: One white and one green. On Helgefylla Norwegians become friendly, outgoing and very open-minded and love to ask the foreign taxi-drivers where they originally came from.Check out airfares to Norway with Lufthansa here In september 2014 the valuation of the fund was 857 billion dollars, holding one percent of global equity markets.The fund owns the largest number of European shares that any other entity (an average of 2,5 per cent of every European listed company). Oslo is called the one-night stand capital of the world, and Norwegians tend to be more open minded when it comes to sex than many other cultures.You won’t believe this fjordhotel in Norway – check it out!

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