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Follow the experts’ advice and take it one step at a time.

Above all, try not to be shy or ashamed when addressing the issue of sex with your child.

When sex comes up in a movie or TV show, look for an opportunity to explain or clarify.

Use real-life examples to talk about healthy and unhealthy relationships.” This involves answering questions about sex truthfully, even if your child is very young.

“Consent is an essential topic to be addressed with girls boys,” board-certified counselor Dr. “Parents can play a vital role in helping their child distinguish between consent (a clear yes) and non-consent (being flirty or texting a sexy pic).” According to Uwah Williams, the primary lesson parents should emphasize to their children is that they have agency over their own bodies.

“Kids should be told that it is never OK to pressure someone or to be pressured to engage in sexual activity,” she says. '” And consent doesn’t just apply to sexual activity directly involving the private parts of the body.

“You want to show that they can come to you whenever they have questions.

Establish yourself as a trusted resource before their hormones kick in during the middle school years.” Many parents find the thought of talking to their kids about sex overwhelming because there’s just so much to cover: periods, pregnancy, STIs, consent, sexual orientation and gender identity (for starters).

Yes, there’s a lot of ground to cover here, but try not to feel intimidated.

Well, you can — but if you do, you’re not doing anyone any favors.

Yes, it might be embarrassing, but an awkward half-hour is a small price to pay to ensure your child is well-informed respectful of their own boundaries and those of others well before they embark on a sexual relationship.

Whitney advises answering them as simply as you can.

She also suggests buying a book about procreation if the questions keep coming; just be sure to read it first to make sure it uses accurate terms and doesn’t make anything about sex or bodies seem shameful.

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