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I find that a lot of Catholics/Christians tend to avoid, or want people grieving to avoid, that anger stage of grief, as if it were offensive to God.But as my favorite priest told me at dinner before the concert, God is not some weak baby who is easily offended. He can handle our shaking fists and our feelings of “Fuck this!and that I would be part of the suicide survivors club, too.The Sunday before my son Anthony’s suicide, he was at my house with his siblings.Felecity was with her dad for the first time in years, so she was not with us when we found Anthony. It was important to me to have my kids know someone who understands what it is like to walk in those shoes.

Shaun also explained how he is different since his brother’s death. The first time my dad told me he loved me was after my brother died — he just wasn’t that kind of guy. Appreciate those things about each other.” Later, one of the kids asked Shaun what about the people who think we should get over it by now, and he said, “Fuck them.” That was the best answer that we could have gotten.

I told them that Seether had just released their tour dates and would be in Houston in August. I now wonder if that was because he was having suicidal thoughts. In Anthony’s honor, we decided to go ahead and see Seether in Houston.

I asked them if they wanted to go to the concert or to Rise Above Fest, a music festival Seether organizes in memory of Eugene to raise money for suicide awareness. I set out to make sure my children could meet Shaun Morgan as a gift to them.

What I found in sitting with him is we pretty much have the same perspective.

We are both angry at God and at the two people in our lives we love so much who committed suicide.

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