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Minwoo, Chilhyun, Hyesung and Andy have been friends for years. Then again, the only real clue was given to him when he was only ten.

They were just like him, but their knowledge was far greater; they were organized, neat, and their smarts were unmatched.

He always stands at the back or the sides, but whenever he feels Shinhwa's in danger, you find him right in the middle.

Like a boulder daring anything to pass through him to get to them, and under all that tough and calm exterior, he loves nothing more than to prank others and laugh and make everyone around him do so.

In order to not raise suspicions, Jeon Jungkook enrolls in the same performing arts academy to slowly carry out his mission.

He soon discovers things aren't what they appear to be and even worse..seems to be falling for his target—a boy whose biggest wish is to fly to the moon.

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As you can see, my part here is to further introduce you all to the Rapping Line in Shinhwa, which consists of three equally elegant, ambitious, glowing inside-out men known by their stage names of: Eric, Jun Jin and Andy.───↓ ↓ ↓A quick trip to the past~Eric and Andy in particular were good friends before Shinhwa had been even formed.

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