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With over 250 clients in Northern & Southern California, Shooting Stars is the industry leader in youth sports photography.We’ve been working with sports leagues well over a decade and currently photograph over 150,000 players a year.Access your latest personal offers, keep up to date on your Star Rewards account, securely request your win/loss statement and view current casino promotions, upcoming entertainment, events, dining specials and a whole lot more! I still get an anxious stomach whenever I am about to leave for a new destination.

I consider myself very lucky to be able to work with happy people looking forward to something they might never have experienced or embark on a life changing journey.I have been blessed with being able to have traveled to so many places that others dream about and I look forward to many more years of exploring this beautiful world.I am a very passionate person and travel is at the top of my passions.I had done my research and highlighted every attraction I wanted to see.I even remember calling to make the reservations for Cinderella’s Royal Castle.

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Travel offers so much to so many and what might be important to one is something completely different for another. I have learned from them as I hope they learn from me.

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