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Then head through the door at the end of the room near the table.

Make your way across, being wary of a hidden fire trap on the ground, which you can spot by the scorched earth.

Go down the stairs and step on the panel, then go through the door and step on the next panel.

You’re now in a room full of computers, with the chest to deposit the bribe in against the opposite wall.

The door to the commander’s room is on the opposite wall from the chests, and you can walk right in. After hacking, you’ll get another message from Rainia telling you to look for the next relic in the Tomb of the Desert Ocean, also known as the Pyramid of the Sky. Inspect the entrance and go through the door behind it.There’s a star keystone in the left corner, which you can reach by swimming across the pool.Grab it and use it to unlock the chest on the right side, which you also have to swim to reach. Grab the star keystone, and use it in the door at the far end of the room and go through, following the room through to the next one.Chat with him and he’ll ask for five pieces of copper in exchange for the relic; find them on your map and collect them.After you give Sopdu the copper, he’ll give you the relic, which you can then deliver to Rainia.

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