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51, the full set of 12 Lanston Scissorcut Ornaments. On the restock front, we now have fresh supplies on the shelf of Boston Gothic, Bewick Roman 36pt, Collection No. In a sincere but possibly futile attempt to get ahead of the power curve, a couple of these were actually recast before they sold out.(Yeah, I know, we have 40 other things that ARE sold out–we’re workin’ on it, we’re workin’ on it!& Spindler renamed it Pekin and continued production into the early 20th century. But by pure luck one of the font’s two duplicate mats was this character, and the project was completed.Nevertheless, first proof revealed that the matrices were in poor condition; we noted at least seven characters with visible, if minor, flaws.) The Junk Bin saw 22 new items posted for the month.Our young new hire Jared is fitting in well and learning the fine points of getting newly-cast type from the galleys into packaged fonts.This includes brushing off the flash (we call that “flicking boogers”), determining line breaks and transferring type between galleys to perfect that; lifting type line by line into the font boxes, inserting filler blocks, and tagging, labeling, sleeving and shrink-wrapping.

Digital technology, specifically smartphones have transformed several aspects of society, including dating.

These were top-quality hardbound books displaying not only specimens of all their type faces, but tasteful examples of them as they might be used.

The Skyline printing office (equipped with eight platens and three cylinders) produces all our own package labels and specimen cards, as well as promotional handouts and the occasional typographic broadside or pamphlet—but our specimen book, as such, exists only on the web site.

It was ostensibly a companion italic to their Piranisi (a delicate, decorative roman), but oddly, the two faces bear little or no resemblance to one another.

Our 1st-of-the-month News is normally released at the crack of dawn.

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