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Yoona and Kim So Hyun are both Christian, and it is said that they became intimate because they went to the same church.There was also information that Kim So Hyun applied for a relationship in honor of Yoona’s humanity.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code. Reports said he was very nervous during the photo shoot when she touched his shoulder and kissed his cheek, but as far as anyone knows the two never went on to date.She explained, “I asked him about the filming site for ‘Gu Family Book,’ since he had filmed here before.

The day after, she lent her support for Gangnam Blues, posting a picture of herself at the premiere on Instagram and saying she hoped it would make big money. Suzy is also the one revealed to be dating Korean heart-throb Lee Min Ho, 27, in news that trended on Monday on Twitter and Facebook worldwide.

We also caught up for a little bit.” She added, “We still keep in touch too.

I guess these rumors circulate because we are pretty close.

Kim So Hyun who broke at the drama “Dream High” broadcasted in 2011.

The star drama “Moon hugging the sun” broadcasted the following year also exceeded the viewing rate of 40% and played a part in popular actors.

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Both confirmed they have been dating for about a month, with Lee's agency saying the pair are "currently carefully building the relationship.

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