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The fact that John apparently made more than 200 sperm donations to just two locations alone (Crown St Women's Hospital, now closed, and a clinic in Macquarie St) is shocking.But on top of that he also donated at the Royal North Shore Hospital, Paddington Women's Hospital, King George V Hospital for Mothers and Babies (now closed) and at Westmead.Her brothers and sisters are listed clinically as "Male, January, 1988", or "Female, September, 1989". Together with however many other children her sperm donor has fathered at different clinics, or with women actually in his life, the true list of Hannah's half siblings could be much longer.For now, though, all Hannah has are these 20 cold little lines about flesh and blood.

Horrifically, some may even be marrying each other, and trying to have children of their own - completely unaware they are half siblings. All just to protect John from being known as the author of his own actions?They're the bookend to John's meticulous account of masturbation. This second set of documents is the property of 25-year-old Hannah, from Melbourne, and they're also covered with dates. Hannah was conceived under anonymous donor conception.These two pages are all the information she's currently allowed to have about her many half siblings.Damien Adams says these days, there are now limits on the numbers of times a single man's sperm is supposed to be used.But only half Australia's states and territories have laws governing donor conception - and there are no national laws at all.

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Clinics weren't (and still aren't) supposed to pay donors for their sperm, because it's human tissue.

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