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Ordering cell permit is a four step process which involve Creating and exporting an order list If you have been working with chartco for ordering/managing your paper charts folios, you would most likely know how to do this for ENCs.

Let’s say you are at Al-Jubail in Saudi and next voyage is to Mumbai (India).

It is important to note that there is no co-relation between chart number and cell permit.

I mean the boundaries or the area covered in paper chart do not necessarily correspond to a particular cell number or ENC.

Rightly so, after all we see our ship all the times on the chart.

I will demonstrate using JRC ECDIS and Chartco but the basic procedures will be same for other makes of ECDIS.

The ENC contains all the chart information useful for safe navigation, and may contain supplementary information in addition to that contained in the paper, which may be considered necessary for safe navigation. An ECDIS converts ENC data into its own internal SENC format for optimal chart image creation. “The System Electronic Navigational Chart (SENC) means a database resulting from the transformation of the ENC by ECDIS for appropriate use, updates to the ENC by appropriate means and other data added by the mariner. RCDS is an acronym for Raster Chart Display System. Bridge officers / OOW should receive flag state approved general ECDIS training that follows the IMO Model Course 1.27 (40 hours) to satisfy the IMO Standards for Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW).

The use of ENCs in an approved and certified ECDIS and with appropriate back up arrangements is the only paperless chart option for vessel navigation. It is this database that is actually accessed by ECDIS for the display generation and other navigational functions and is the equivalent to an up-to-date paper chart.” Q. A vessel is permitted to sail in RCDS mode if approved by their flag state for geographical areas where there are no ENCs available. In addition to this, manufacturer approved equipment-specific training needs to be carried out according to the IMO’s International Safety Management (ISM) Code.

In this post I will be discussing how to order ENC (Electronic charts) and also how to correct ENCs on ECDIS.

There are hundreds of makers for ECDIS, each having different procedures, menu and layouts.

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For Flag state conformance, vessels must also carry up to date paper charts for these areas. Chart updates for ECDIS can be done directly to vessels by DVD, e-mail or online. As well as the purchase and installation of a fully approved ECDIS, compliant training is also required.

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