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As the global market for online dating surpasses billion, the lucky ones get hired as consultants by online-dating companies. On the final day of this week’s annual online-dating industry conference in Miami, Schwartz, a pocket-sized woman with a calming smile, told the audience her system is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a questionnaire designed to measure how people perceive the world and make decisions. And she’s a professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle who mugs on behalf of the dating site Perfect, where she co-developed The Duet® Total Compatibility System.A signed copy of a new novel from our favorite authors would be much appreciated. Or, if we're being honest, any book that you pick out especially for us will show us you care. We'll make you some tea and give you one of our favorite travel memoirs to help you get away, even if just for an evening. We’ve got some Saunders you can chuckle your way through on our couch.We will always have a good read to recommend, no matter what mood you're in.And yes, we'd definitely prefer one of Gatsby's parties to a mediocre birthday bash.

Reading is great exercise for your brain, and has been proven to actually improve your memory and reduce the risk for Alzheimer's later in life.

We've read so many different genres and authors that we rarely run out of things to say.

Mention that Intro to Modernism class you once took back in college, and we'll want to hear all about your favorite modernist writer.

We can't bring ourselves to part with our books, which means that our libraries keep growing.

When we move in with you, you’ll have trouble finding a place for your own paperbacks.

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And you can count on your book-obsessed friends to happily drive a few hours to a reading and wait in a long line with you just so that you can meet your favorite author and have them sign your copy of their tome.

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