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The Environmental Management program handles a broad spectrum of environmental compliance matters for Tufts University by managing Tufts environmental management system.Our goals are to support Tufts mission by developing, managing and coordinating quality environmental services for the university, minimizing environmental risks and costs, as well as promoting environmental compliance and performance.Filling out this questionnaire automatically places you in our recruiting database, allowing for seamless two-way communication to occur.What is the recruiting process like at Tufts University?

Ionizing radiation sources include radioactive materials and x-ray machines while non-ionizing radiation includes lasers and ultraviolet radiation sources.Although recruiting at Tufts University is constantly ongoing, the process becomes more concrete once your Junior year is complete.After completing your Junior year, we require a completed transcript, HS profile, standardized test scores (SAT/ACT), and your upcoming Senior class schedule.First, the University offers frequent information sessions and campus wide tours that can be scheduled in advance.Second, you can contact us via phone or e-mail to schedule a meeting with a member of our coaching staff.

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