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That means embracing and celebrating and truly understanding cultural differences because it is learning about those differences that helps boost creativity.

To encourage innovation, organizations should cultivate an intercultural environment.

Could it be that close relationships with people from other cultures nurture creativity and innovation?

That’s the question that William Maddux, professor of organizational behavior at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, started looking at more than a decade ago along with his longtime collaborator Adam Galinsky at Columbia Business School. He lived in Japan for four years after graduating from college, married a Japanese woman, and lived in France for a decade after becoming a professor.

So here are 10 free things to do around the University of Florida.When he and Galinsky started their work in 2005, they assumed someone must have conducted empirical research on the effects of intercultural experiences on creativity.“There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence for artists, writers, for painters and musicians,” says Maddux.They asked participants if they had maintained friendships with Americans they met or worked with while in the U. The research confirmed the intuition of Maddux and colleagues – based on their personal experience and numerous anecdotes.Intercultural relationships can boost creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship – all important for businesses.

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For individuals, developing and maintaining meaningful, long-term relationships with people from other cultures has substantial value, their research suggests.

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