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Exposure to substances such as pollen, pet fur, peanuts, shellfish or insect bites can cause some people to produce an excess of a chemical called histamine.

This causes allergic symptoms which can include swelling, skin rashes, sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny or blocked nose.

This leads to significant central nervous system side effects, including sedation, drowsiness, somnolence, fatigue, cognitive decline, psychomotor effects, and loss of coordination.

These antihistamines also are potent muscarinic receptor antagonists that can lead to serious anticholinergic side effects, such as sinus tachycardia, dry skin, dry mucous membranes, dilated pupils, constipation, ileus, urinary retention, and agitated delirium.3 The mnemonic “blind as a bat, dry as a bone, red as a beet, mad as a hatter, and hot as a hare” often is used to help describe and identify patients suffering from anticholinergic syndrome (see Table 2 below).

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Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) is the most common first-generation antihistamine found in OTC sleep aids, whether used alone or in combination with pain relievers, including acetaminophen (eg, Tylenol PM), ibuprofen (eg, Advil PM), and aspirin.

The most common side-effects are feeling tired or sleepy.

Make sure you follow the dosage directions on the label.

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