Updating my itouch

If your i OS device is displaying the wrong time or date, we’ll show you how to fix it easily in this walkthrough.

This approach automatically sets the date and time in i OS, it uses an internet time server to correct an improper time and display the proper date and time on the device in question: Automatic date and time setting works by pulling the exact time and date, accurate down to seconds, from remote time servers that are hosted by Apple and other time keeping entities.

If your i Pod Touch keeps crashing even in i OS 11 then it is important to learn how to reset it.

Especially if it does not respond when the button is pressed. Step 1: Turn the Hold switch to a locked position and then back again.

Without doing that, or without manually setting the time to the proper settings yourself, the i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch may continue to display the wrong time.

Why does my i Pod Touch keep crashing (even after upgrading to i OS 11)?

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You may have faced this problem at one point or the other.

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