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Should the schema update be run from the schema master, or from our 2012 R2 DC?Therefore great attention to detail should be applied to both process and procedure. if not OK , destroy DC and remove it from config and DNS (metadata cleanup) There are other approaches.One approach of sever that has worked for myself and colleagues with customers is as follows; Suggested Schema Update Physical Process 1. For example by doing the schema update on the Server that holds the role and not introducing a New Domain Controller into the Forest for just this action. The key to the success of a Schema Update is to ensure you THOROUGHLY test it prior to deployment in a pre-production environment.It IS a domain environment, but I do not HAVE to upgrade the DC's, only a couple member servers.So I read the MS article, and they are saying they recommend installing server 2016 on a NEW server, then migrating everything over. Can server 2008 R2 be upgraded directly to server 2016?

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