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A significant part of basic and applied research is conducted in the fields of chemistry, medicine and pharmaceuticals.

This world’s leading laboratory combines basic and applied research in the most ideal way: new and high research requirements and challenges initiate innovation, development and the application of the latest technologies.

For similar reasons that led to the emergence of the idea of the WWW, the EU entrusted CERN with the leading role in the LHC-GRID project with the main goal to build advanced computer networks that would enable data flows with tremendous speeds, large processor power, and a large capacity for the transfer and storing of data collected in the Large Hadron Collider experiments.

This enabled researchers from the most distant institutions, living on different continents around the world, to participate actively in the analysis of experimental data from the LHC at their home institutions.

Physicists and specialists from the Faculty of Physics of University of Belgrade and the “Vinča” Institute of Nuclear Sciences are active within the CMS and SHINE-NA61 experiments, the other research group of the Institute of Physics is working on the ATLAS experiment, while another one is involved in the LHC-GRID project; physicists from the Department of Physics of Faculty of Sciences of the University of Novi Sad are actively engaged in the ISOLDE experiment.

We expect that our country would feel more benefits of the CERN membership even with the somewhat better and more organised approach of our business sector.

To conclude, and taking into account some cases of other countries, and on the basis of some of the personal experiences to date, I would dare to say that the CERN membership could help Serbia advance in many segments.

Cyprus and Slovenia are the candidates to be considered for membership over the next few years.

This success of Serbia has been made possible thanks to the dedication and many decades of successful work of Serbian research teams, but also thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, and the decisive efforts of the Serbian Prime Minister.

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