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As for the Scarlet Witch, it's more or less impossible to explain the heritage of Wanda and her brother Pietro.Even people dedicated to piecing together continuity have pretty much thrown their hands up in frustration on those two.IN LIVING COLOR signalled a shift in the way comedy was to be presented when it hit the airwaves in the 1990s.With a multicultural cast geared toward a genuinely diverse audience, the irreverent jokes roasted everyone: white, black, Asian, gay, straight, no group was exempt.Unlike other Avengers, many of whom had their own ongoing solo series, this allowed their relationship to take center stage.

During this era of continuity, the twins were the children of a Romani woman named Magda and the supervillain Magneto.

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Thereby, Wanda and the Vision are shown in the second series attempting to live “normal” lives in the suburbs, away from the Avengers, and wind up being treated with hostility by their neighbors.

The problem with that approach to these characters is that the Vision and Scarlet Witch actually do have a really messed-up relationship.

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