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F:arh Big Four cluh plav* U games with Ihe regular season ending S-;v 9 The leag-e had a S2 edge in pte-ee.

• euth de- feated Tyrone 13-7 In the all- Ireland football semi-finai In Dublin Sunday and will meet Cork In the final.

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It will taka Mtma tima (nr a 'vhila i|u» S(rh-ar corps ol any aliartow of But airaadv u ti.^t^ianc'a That will taka time hnrk has cofta ihrou Rh lima nf Arab wntid laarters.' xhe hia dnii Rci U» that the In addiiinn. Soviet suuihern ftontltr botnimlng a weapons and ihe regime may he inli Mary and pollhcal base for templed lo uee them in Suviei communism in the Mid i“‘rt of adventure which on»e tile Fasi again could throw Ihe eniire JOIT KOK NAS. world war A move of de Kpera I For President Nasser * of tjon against Israel or even In i Fgypt. refusing to testify before con Walter'i measure also wouldt gressional committees. To l»e sure of the best in gas heating for winters to come, install a Fairbanks- Morse space saver gas fired furnace. n*t« in cepoc 4i*i for tft'V OTHIR ' FAIRBANKS-MORSI EQUIPMINT J ^ aa^ B ifn«r«w* , nrln. * * * OTTAWA Defence Minis- ter crtbed as ■■cuildllng" in Ihe theatre in the • hottest show in town." The attorney refused to con he wan prepared to call was Mexican busine»E n r I c Ibarra, wllh whnm Miss O'Hara's name W'as once linked by her ex husband in a child custody case. ' /i*l Park night and ■A' Men': M*mi final and Half ruwerl dow affair tonight #• fi to ne me wooon K 'oo .••. The power parked Tlger- slip, particularly their line, and for Ihe third tiiccesalve year their explosive aerial power wa.s not good enough to beat Edmon- ton's hall cxinlrolling giqund offenxive In the cup final The Ks Kimoe's surcess un- doiibtedlv has been Ihe guide hv whteh the Rig Four chibs have gone about revamping their lineups The Tiger ( 4ts who lo t9\"t weie lha last Htg E'our team to win the Grey Cup, have alwayt had a strong ground attack and ihix year it aitpeai* better than ever The backfield Is headed hy such hardhitting runners as Imptirts Cookie GHchrlst. ,»l«a U4M Ia« Ifel* Imiuik d«r% i Tpa Miao T ptriad.

a «l Slirseons’ llurrv Willows Beach Faceliftin rjnun ti' which will no liking fur in total conirol. Ihe Syrian e%enis ptuie at»me other direcllnn to k«*ep k' |wer’s pro-* wide range ot U. Protect the unrtlty of FBI Walter said he realized the effort to offset ^the hl U stands no rhance of passage recent Supreme Court derision In Ihe closing day* of the opening FBI reports of govern present session, but "Its presen men! GUARANTEE Th« h*oi ajchonger cl*- /i m*ol in oil Foirbon W-Morw UGH S*nt* G« (I*^P 4 u|I Fxjmocat i* guororieed ogownt burning out Wfir w/ ^ ru«i«a oul for 10 vuori from th# dot* of TIOf X 'X VUTOSIA Tl'm* S« TUr • H- T l U m H M f X HI* Fi H M n M « PI Hl«h Wx**' M h paiiod* In the afternoon. OWt OMHc ond nanwal madtlf in ca- pacltiaa lor al ntadi. Miss OTIara yesterday, at her attorney's office, produced a passport to prove that in the fall of 195. — .r K^ i mns Jdihsofi driven out of the |,si mghi (iorge hn-ke up a aff^rnoon. errs In the hizce-t salmon he ha- 2J( the earltesf «tarl In the league! Ralph ldie Macon One Indication the Tlcats plan to rely mostly on a ground attack has been coach Jim Trimble's dentlon to use Bernte Faloney as his first string qiiar terbark E'aloney a ball handling whli and only average pb«;:--t. anarwr l« dui«- Thcr* Is no Oner ndyertlop- nw Mit f«f any Hrm Ihmi • s Uff of r)P«n. IHd you know Ih Bt Now Mctho4l Iamn4lrt M nr* prrpnrwl to furnlab yimr pprw Minc I wl Ui Bfiy OOP of a Urgo ft-mrt Pty of work clolhp B — ond launder them crisply cl Mftn each week for a m4Jd PRl Iqc Iua Ivp charge? bnstnpaa firm* are o*Inf Ihi* fine rental •errlce each week.

4 WS •St Raqalma H Rd IT t It M T It tt 1 34 M tat abo«i d 'Pp Monjol Clie^juiig Acmvnlj Th« Nf W Thriftier woy lo poy pertonol brd Portmon, one nf his close friends. es- ntir model from Ceylon, said She and Beauchamp had been friends for yeara.

sent police lo Beauchamp's apartment after he telephoned her Hharmini Tenirha Uain.

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