When did portia de rossi start dating ellen

or follow them on Instagram, you probably know a thing or two about one of Hollywood’s most famous couples.We're taking a look back at their milestones, drama with the media, and hilarious moments they've shared with us along the way.I hired a plane to fly by the house with a banner that said 15 with a heart. A post shared by Ellen De Generes (@theellenshow) on every Tuesday.Meanwhile, Portia is now the owner of General Public, which she describes as an art curation and publishing company."We drove around in a car because we weren't supposed to be seen together," the 58-year-old said during the interview.The Finding Dory voice artist declared her sexual orientation in 1997, but her 43-year-old wife did so in 2005, one year after she started dating the stand-up comedian.

While public interest in her television series continues to be limited, the public’s interest in her personal life has taken off since she began dating Ellen De Generes in December.“If I told you I haven’t really thought about it, you probably wouldn’t believe me. In the past, de Rossi has consistently shied away from saying anything about her personal relationships in interviews, never officially acknowledging her well-known (in entertainment circles, at least) relationship with girlfriend Francesca Gregorini, but never denying it either.

De Rossi and De Generes made their first public appearance together at an after-party for the Golden Globes in January, and then attended the SAG Awards and the Grammys together in the weeks following.

De Rossi is also a frequent audience member at the tapings of De Generes’s talk show, and De Generes has begun to mention her relationship with de Rossi in interviews, as she did as a February 5th call-in on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show — although like de Rossi, she says very little about the relationship beyond acknowledging its existence.

As Tammy Lynn Michaelsquickly discovered when she and Melissa Etheridge became involved, you can’t start dating one of America’s Lesbian Sweethearts and expect to stay closeted — something de Rossi surely knew when she began dating De Generes.

De Rossi appears to have adapted to the new scrutiny by combining her characteristic guardedness with select moments of openness, still refusing to say much about her sexuality on the record — telling magazine “As much as I’d like to tell you about my private life, if I did, it wouldn’t be private” — but saying a little more now than she used to, and openly attending high-profile events with De Generes (something she almost never did with Gregorini).

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Ellen had the cutest surprise planned: She hired a plane to fly a banner that said “15” with a heart, representing the years the couple had been together.

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