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Later, she can be encountered in Sovngarde, where she laments that the Legion wished to protect Skyrim, but only succeeded in killing men and women from both sides who are now being devoured by Alduin. If there's any hope of a long term victory against the Dominion, it's in the Empire. Likely only Ulfric's death, or the overthrow of the Jarls supporting him will end this. Knowledge of that location was lost, in the Wars of Succession. See if you can't "convince" one of those innkeepers to help you. But, without Ulfric to inflame their passions, they'll settle down and return to their homes eventually." Tullius: "I pray you're right, Legate.

Once the fort is taken, The Rift will fall under Imperial control, and Stormcloak commander Gonnar Oath-Giver will be replaced by Legate Fasendil at Mistveil Keep in Riften, while Laila will be replaced as Jarl by Maven Black-Briar. You are to meet them, find a way to slip in, free our men, and take over the fort. This won't be easy, but that's why I'm sending you. I may understand things here in Skyrim better than the General, but I'm a soldier at heart, not a politician. This is the land of my birth, the land that shaped me. Those Stormcloaks are here for the same reason we are. Everyone else, with me." Legate Rikke: "I don't like the look of this. Ten to one they're just waiting for us on the other side." Imperial Soldier: "But there isn't any other way through, Legate." Legate Rikke: "Let's not jump to conclusions, soldier. I'd rather take a moment and look around than walk blindly into an ambush.

Rikke is then at the Winterhold Imperial Camp, with the next target being the main Stormcloak stronghold in Winterhold, Fort Kastav, where several Legionnaires are being kept as Stormcloak prisoners of war. The rebels are keeping some of our men prisoner there. I'm proud to have any part in making it strong again." Reporting for duty. Ulfric the Pretender wants that crown, but we're not going to let him have it. We had the advantage of surprise this time, but don't expect it to last. Auxiliary, see if you can find another way through.

" Maven: "You never were able to see the forest for the trees, were you? You could see that if you had any faith left in that black heart of yours. Pack your things and go." Laila: "One day when you can see past your own interests, you will come to see that we were right. This is all wrong." Rikke: "If you ladies are finished bickering, there's much to be done. Do it now, or there will be rioting in the streets. That should send a clear message to the people." Laila: "Yes, but not likely the one you intend." Maven: "Oh?

But no, you're content to snatch scraps falling off the Emperor's table. We must move quickly to prevent further violence." Maven: "Jarl Black-Briar.

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