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"I was crying my eyes out," Lane wrote to a friend on Oct. "I got so royally screwed." "Suzy is supposedly a total psycho," Lane wrote about Eisen's wife.

In response, CBS's lawyers argued on May 6, 2011 that Brennan's opinions "seek to usurp the role of the Court and jury by improperly offering the legal conclusion that CBS ignored its 'duty to its employee.'" The defense lawyers argued that Brennan's conclusions were "speculative and unreliable" and that his report "does not even identify what industry standards apply in such a context." In documents filed on the court docket, Mendte described how he went about committing his crimes. 27, 2011, Mendte testified that after he hacked into Lane's computer, "I emailed the photographs to myself and then erased, in the file, the send." He presumably was talking about the emails regarding the bikini pictures that Lane sent to Eisen, a story that wound up in the New York Post.

Lane, however, accuses Mendte, of six different charges, including unlawful interception of communications, "intrusion into seclusion," invading her privacy, and tortious interference with prospective contractual relations.

The last charge was filed by Lane's lawyers because Mendte allegedly interfered with Lane's plea bargain negotiations in New York by writing to the D. Today's hearing was supposed to be an argument over whether an expert witness on Lane's behalf would be allowed to testify about computer technology at CBS, and whether the network did a sufficient job of investigating Lane's complaints about being hacked.

By Ralph Cipriano for Big Former Philly anchorman Larry Mendte, representing himself in court today, told Judge Frederica Massiah-Jackson that he had helped his old colleague Alycia Lane land a new broadcasting gig at KNBC-TV in Los Angeles.

Lane got fired in 2008 from her old job as co-anchor with Mendte at CBS in Philadelphia, after she was accused of punching a New York City police officer, a charge that was eventually dropped.

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