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Obviously, there must have been some attraction on set, since they ended up marrying just a few short years later.If you were an actor with millions upon millions of dollars to your name, how would you show your affection to your date?Well, if you’re Johnny Depp, at one time the highest paid actor in Hollywood, the answer is: you buy them a horse.When Depp was first dating Amber Heard, rumors started swirling that they were rapidly falling more and more in love.There’s no way to know if these texts are truly authentic, but if they are, they wouldn’t be the only source that alleged Depp kicked Heard at one point. If it’s real, it occurred before Depp and Heard even married, which would mean the relationship was troubled from the get-go.Getting married in the Bahamas is nice, but you know what’s nicer?Except, later on, when details of the marriage began to leak, friends of Heard’s said it wasn’t an “on-set” injury at all.A source close to Heard told Entertainment Tonight that Depp's hand injury actually came from an argument Depp had with his then-wife, in which Depp became so angry he punched a wall.

The publication’s report is totally random, in addition to being fabricated. Also last year, the unreliable tabloid attempted to link . The outlet contended that the actress had invited her former co-star to live with her amid some of his personal troubles. That bogus article was yet another example of the magazine creating a fake narrative involving Depp and an A-list actress. Ryder is simply the latest target until the tabloid decides it’s time to pair up the actor with another female celebrity. "Everything We Know About Winona Ryder’s *Actual* BF of 8 Years." Bravo, 15 Aug.

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