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Unfortunately, the couple called it quits in 2008, but they remain on good terms.According to Ewell, “We’re really good friends still.ran for eight years from 2009-2017 and we're happy to report that most of the cast still hang out.

While some people say it’s never a good idea to live with a friend, and many celebrity friendships have gone down hill after people have decided to be roommate, Ewell and Dobrev don’t seem to have fallen victim to that, and the two remain friends today.

But while every star can’t be a household name, fans definitely recognize those who are consistently putting out their best work and popping up all over the place.

30-year-old Kayla Ewell is definitely one of those people.

She made her first on-screen appearance in 2000 Although she may not be a household name, Kayla Ewell has been working consistently throughout her career.

After being discovered while still taking acting classes back in 1999 when she was still just a teen, she made her first on-screen appearance in 2000 in the show She shared an apartment with Nina Dobrev Sometimes you just click with people, and that’s exactly what happened to former co-stars, Kayla Ewell and Nina Dobrev.

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