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I’d advise you read the following Microsoft documentation prior to installation: Because this is already a Primary Server, certain roles are already installed.Required roles: Windows Server roles and features: , and select “WSUS Services” & “SQL Server Connectivity”.Since originally writing the above, the world has seen a vast uptake in Windows Updates being the answer to security problems. Don’t be tempted to go through selecting everything you want to patch. Even if you wanted to, your’ll notice the lack of certain Products.. Now we’ve confirmed SCCM and WSUS are best buds and happy to communicate to each other, lets take another look at those Products; Navigate to This will allow a much smaller cumulative update package to be deployed to your clients. Successful sync of WSUS server: Now to process and sync each individual update.For this reason, i’m revising this statement and advise you run your sync on Patch Tuesday, the Second Tuesday of the month. Once you’re happy with your final configuration changes (although you can of course change them again later).. Once the Sync is complete, you can return to Lo and behold, all our synchronised updates.. In Part II I’ll cover actually downloading and deploying the updates via ADR’s & Baselines, with notes on Client Settings, Maintenance Windows, Group Policy and more.There have been some great guides through the years on configuring WSUS with SCCM from the ground up, but I felt it was time for me to add to the library with an updated version to cover Server 2016, and particularly my personal recommendations for a successful A-Z setup.In Part I, I’ll take you through configuring the required Server Roles & Features, WSUS Installation and Configuration, IIS settings, Folder Permissions and linking it all up into SCCM.

Unless you have specific requirements, leave default and click I personally like to run my Production site’s a few weeks behind ‘Patch Tuesday’.Furthermore, references on the web are compiled for you at this site's references area.And don't forget to read the FAQs (English/German)!Finally, now all the groundwork is laid, lets setup SCCM.If you have installed WSUS on a seperate server to your Primary, then you need to install the WSUS console on your Primary Site Server before moving on.

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