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Details: crdb_adoplus : Object reference not set to an instance of an object. which paramters its asking for as database paramters are included in the connection string with username passowrd and servername full error msg USER LOGGED IN : admin Logon failed. Map Path("report/Crystal Report5.rpt")) Crystal Report Viewer1.

Write Xml Schema("C:\folder\report.xsd") thr' code i wrote this line on report button click before callingg/ setting the crystal report viewer when i exeuted this code the was ceated then i build the solution and in the databse expert of crystal report i tried to make new connection nd refrenced this , but when i clicked it further it showed no items and hence selected table pane was blank and no fileds were avaliable so i manually created using add items and selecting dataset(dataset1) and in that i referenced my main table which had all the records frm field exploerer i set the fields that i need in crystal report using drag methood and tried setting the ds to crystal report but its displayed balnk this is my while code sql = " SELECT * into rpttemp FROM maintable WHERE fldcode=1 order by name" Dim da As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter(sql, conn.

Data Bind(); i also have used the same coding prblm in the report calss will be when i have record count more than 0 after fill i have given the record count satatemnt which shows me 0 records the only thing thats different is i have taken ds = new dataset1() ---- this is wht was created durong design even i tried wit h normal dataset still i get teh count =0 then better check your Query(using to fetch records from database) use simple select * from tablename (for testing purpose) if count is coming 0 means no records in dataset.

Over the past few years, XML has emerged as the new standard for data transmission, and its use is becoming more prevalent as companies continue to adopt XML-based solutions.

As more organizations begin to enforce XML standards for all data transmission, increasingly complex XML formats are emerging.

These complex formats can include multiple namespaces, thousands of elements, and recursive definitions.

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i also have set my original table name in database is company i have draged the table in so it has the same name but my xsd file is not in appcode folder .

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